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Bell at work videos

A couple of months ago I started to create videos with the team at Inventio Agency. Thanks to the help of Brielle, David, and facebook family/friends, the videos have been starting to get thousands of views on Facebook. Below are some of the videos showing me producing, playing instruments, vocalizing, and writing. The aim of the video series is to…

Hip-Hop Choir

The idea came from a conversation I had with my mother and a friend.  Mom was pitching the idea that I should put together a gospel choir, and although she had a good idea, it was not inspiring to me. In the middle of her pitch the name “Hip-Hop Choir” rang in my mind and instantly I saw all the possibilities.…

Artist with multiple personalities

I have had many music releases over the years under various aliases. I first learned about creating different names for projects in the 90’s when dance music producer Dana Kelly and I started releasing house music on various dance record labels. Over the past decade since I’ve been creating songs for television and film, I’ve released projects with over 20 various names.…

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Bellringer Unstoppable

For the past few years, I’ve been developing the unstoppable project with songs, workbooks, and videos. Here are links to all that has been released so far. The intention of the project is to inspire people to take full advantage of our limited time here on earth by taking risks and being unstoppable. Share This

Star Boot Camp


One of the projects I’ve been working on for the past few years is an artist development company named Starbootcamp. Starbootcamp trains celebrity and developing artists in fame, fortune, and influence. Some of the artists who have gone through the bootcamp program have gotten signed by major record labels, licensed their albums to companies, booked themselves on tours, and a…

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Bellringer (Re-release)

This is the album that was released before Unstoppable. It was signed to a German record label and the label ended up going out of business before the album was fully promoted. I’ve re-released it on all the major music distribution services this year. Here are links to that project: Share This