Hip-Hop Choir

The idea came from a conversation I had with my mother and a friend.  Mom was pitching the idea that I should put together a gospel choir, and although she had a good idea, it was not inspiring to me. In the middle of her pitch the name “Hip-Hop Choir” rang in my mind and instantly I saw all the possibilities. It is amazing how one word can inspire a business, a song, and a choir. When I got back to LA I thought about how this idea could come into being and recognized that I needed help. The building where my studio is located has about 19 production rooms and a nice community of music producers and writers. I popped in on one of my good friends Haskel Jackson to see if he would be interested and he was all in! The problem was that between my schedule and his schedule, there would be no way we could get this idea off the ground by ourselves. I later met Tyra Hawthorne, a woman who has a non-profit in San Diego that supports underserved communities with music training. She was the missing link and 2 years later and the addition of more support (Anitra, Cobi, Solomon, Ceasar, Darrien, and Aria) we had the first audition for the choir and started filming the television show. Over 300 people responded and expressed interest in the choir. Over the past year we have learned so much in the process of creating the first Hip-Hop Choir in the US. It has become an amazing creative community and we plan to continue to grow and develop the show. This year the choir has performed and share their gifts for over 4,000 people. It is a real community effort relying on the generosity of all it’s participants. We will be releasing a web series sometime in the near future but to finish the year off we have released a Hip-hop Christmas EP. Here is that project and the choir’s youtube feed..


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